Lenders and Loans in Australia

Learn about loans in Australia and existing lenders. This information will help you to understand and pick right financial product from development loans, government loans, equipment loans, home equity loans and other loans.

Take the advantage of lower interest rates, lower deposits, better repayment options to achieve your life goals.

Lenders in Australia are essentially businesses, which make money off the interest they impose on the loan. In extreme situations, home equity or other securities are used as the profit from lending services. The lenders themselves specialise as:

  • Mortgage lenders
  • Loan companies
  • Private lenders
  • Commercial lending companies

Loans in Australia

There is a number of types of loans in Australia which are offered to the public:

  • Home loans including:
    interest only home loans; fixed interest home loans; bad credit loans; aboriginal home loans; no doc home loans.
  • Personal loans including:
    car loans; instant cash loans; consolidation loans; line of credit loans; short term loans;
  • Business loans including:
    small business loans; equipment loans; development loans;

There are also other variations of financing in Australia including: green loans; government loans; home equity loans; bridging finance loans; travel loans; student loans; self employed loans; loans for pensioners; unemployed loans; rural loans; investment property loans.