Home Loans in Australia

There are different types of home loans in Australia which are offered to the public:

Home Loan Brokers in Australia

Home loan brokers (otherwise known as mortgage brokers) are just a convenient way to look for the loan. Mortgage brokers were very popular before and during early years of internet. Most mortgage brokers have a detailed information about major lending institutions such as banks, building societies, lending companies etc. A lot of people still go to brokers because it is easier to ask questions directly (rather then to search for answers themselves).

Home Loans Rates in Australia

The lowest home loan rates are not always the best option. There are fees, bank charges and conditions, which all form the home loan pack. It is the financial security of your lenders, which provides the right picture for your home loan.

Fixed Interest Home Loan in Australia

Fixed interest home loan in Australia is a mortgage loan where the interest rate stays the same. Accepting this type of loan is often a gamble. On the positive side, the fixed interest home loan in Australia protects the borrower from the increases of interest rates by Reserve Bank. On the other hand, this type of the home loan maybe undesirable if the banking system lowers their variable interests.

Interest Only Home Loans in Australia

Interest only home loans in Australia were introduced by financial institutions for investors. In old days there was no way to purchase property without the full capacity to pay monthly interest and the principal. However, the private owners had very little flexibility in their loan. The current - almost incredibly high - prices of properties in Australia brought a new change in the mind-set of banks and the borrowers.

Home Loans for First Time Buyers in Australia

The home loans for first time buyers often incorporate the grant. However, conditions and exceptions apply. The first home owners grant was introduced in July 2000. Under this grant everyone has received $7000 for the purchase of their first home . However, the system has been modified. Today, the first home owners grant applies only to contracts signed prior January 1st 2010.

The contracts signed for the property or construction of the first home after the above date also qualify for the grant. However, the condition is that the total price for the property does not exceed $750K.

Bad Credit Home Loans in Australia

Bad Credit Home Loans in Australia are designed to accommodate people with the bad credit history. There are numerous lending institutions which specialise in bad credit home loan. There are also brokers who search for bad credit home loan lenders.

Aboriginal Home Loans in Australia

Aboriginal home loans in Australia are designed to bridge the gap in the home ownership between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians. The main feature of this financial arrangement is:

  • Lower than usual interest rate
  • Lower deposit
  • Possibility of an extended loan term.

No Doc Home Loans in Australia

This is a type of home loan in Australia, which requires the borrower to only state the income (called self verification). No or very little financial documentation is needed to apply for the loan. Typically, these no doc home loans are suitable for self-employed applicants or borrowers who cannot proof the ongoing income. However, the lender will charge higher interest rate on these funds.