Investment Funds

What Is Investment Funds?

The rationale of investment funds is to provide participants either a regular income stream as in the provision of superannuation and retirement funds or the creation of wealth over time. This is achieved through a wide range of investment options.

Types of Investment Funds

This is a huge industry and investment funds take many forms. Examples of investment funds will include:

  • Perpetual Managed Funds
  • Investment Funds
  • Hedge Funds
  • Wholesale Investment Trusts
  • Investment Savings Funds
  • Mortgage Funds

Some of the investment funds are hands on some are managed on your behalf. Consider the establishment and running costs of the investment fund carefully.

Providers of Investment Funds

There are many enthusiastic participants in the provision and running of investment funds including:

  • banks
  • life insurance companies
  • superannuation industry
  • financial firms

Things to Remember About Investment Funds

There are number of things you should remember about investment funds:

  • It is your money - make thoughtful, considered judgements.
  • Investment funds is a multibillion dollar industry. There is so much choice: look around for the investment funds that best meets your needs.
  • A principal area of interest for self – funded retirees. Many of whom suffered severely driving the recent Global Economic crisis.
  • As in all matters financial seek reliable, trusted advice before taking action.