Investment Loans

What Is Investment Loan?

The phrase 'investment loan' is an all embracing expression covering a wide range of investments and terms of lending.

Investment Loans Principal Areas

There are different types of investment loans including:

  • Property investment loans
  • Home investment loans
  • Stocks and Shares investment loans
  • Motor vehicle finance and commercial investment loans

Investment Loans Types/Terms

There are different types of investment loans terms including:

  • Fixed term investment loans
  • Variable term investment loans
  • Interest only investment loans
  • Some investment loans include a maximum loan to value requirement with a minimum loan base.
  • There are also personal investment loans and lines of credit to consider.

Investment Loans Lenders

Principally, investment loans lenders are the banks. Mortgage brokers and financial advisers can provide valuable advice on the type of investment loan and financial institution best suited to your needs.

Things to Remember About Investment Loans

There are number of things you should remember about investment loans:

  • Investment loans is a complex area.
  • Take time to evaluate carefully the various options and alternatives to ensure the investment loan that you obtain meets your needs and ability to pay.
  • Applying for investment loan keep in mind the capital gains provisions and their impact on your investment.