Investor Tips

Here we provide investor tips for people who want to be able to make informed, intelligent investment decisions. You will learn about:

Self Managed Superannuation Funds

Some people prefer to set up and control their own superannuation fund rather than contributing to one already established.

Negative Gearing

Negative gearing most commonly used for the purchase of property but also for the acquisition of shares and bonds.

Australian Capital Gains Tax

Australian Capital Gains Tax is not a stand alone tax but is applied the year an asset is sold and is included at your marginal rate.

Investing In Shares

When investing in shares you are purchasing a portion of the firm and participating in dividends issued and capital growth enjoyed by the company.

Margin Lending

Margin Lending is provided by financial institutions for investing in shares or in other financial products using existing investments as security.

Investment Property Loans

Investment property loans are not as liquid as loans obtained for the purchase of Stocks and Shares.

Investment Property Tax

Seek expert professional advice on investment property tax to ensure that you do not miss out on deductions to which you are entitled.

Investment Loans

Take time to evaluate carefully the various options and alternatives to ensure the investment loan that you obtain meets your needs and ability to pay.

Investment Funds

Investment Funds exist to provide participants either a regular income stream as in the provision of superannuation and retirement funds or the creation of wealth over time.

Buying Investment Property

Buying investment property is major source of wealth creation for many Australians. There are number of steps you need to complete when buying investment property.

Investment Companies

'Investment Companies' is a broad term covering establishments offering a wide range of financial, consultation and economic services. Many of these firms are highly specialised.

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Investor Tips to make informed, intelligent investment decisions
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