Unemployed Loans

Unemployment is a hard time for everyone in the family. Unfortunately, the unforeseen emergencies often struck us at that difficult moment. Certainly, unemployment brings financial vulnerability. There are limited unemployed loans in Australia and the available lending options are very expensive. There are basically two unemployed loans in Australia:

  • Payday loans
  • Personal loans

Remember, none of these financial funds is a charity. Therefore, unemployed loans in Australia should only be used for vital purchases.

Unemployed Loans Using Payday Loans

Payday loans or cash advances are a quick way to get the emergency loan. Certainly you can visit Cashconverters and get a payday loan. If you are unable to provide security for your loan then many lenders will demand a direct debit from your account. Also, majority of payday loans carry high interest rate and high fees.

Some lenders will insist on the minimum amount to borrow. Generally, that minimum is $500. However, be aware that fees and charges usually do not depend on the size of the loan.

Thus, if you borrow $500 and the fees are $10 then you have already incurred a 2% charge. The interest rates often exceed 16% mark. Also, the loan term is short (+/-30-90 days). For secured payday loans interest and charges are lower. However, the expected security far outweighs the value of the loan.

Unemployed Loans Using Personal Loans

The other option to get emergency funds is to apply for a personal loan. Again, secured personal loans offer lower interest rate and reduce charges. Personal loans can be obtained from major banks. There are conditions, charges and a substantial interest rate (10%-14%). Generally, personal loans are cheaper to pay off than the payday loans. Also, personal loans are extended over a much longer term.

Unemployed Loans Should Be The Last Resort!

In Australia, the government assistance for unemployed is substantial. Always, exhaust Centerlink advice about your options before you sign with the private lender. Also, evaluate your spending. This could be a perfect time to drop smoking (average smoker spends $250 a month).